Selective Perception

by Jordan Butler

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Second Collection album release from Edinburgh's Jordan Butler. Released by Jordan Butler / Sons of Scotland (SOS) All rights reserved. 2013.

Mixed and Mastered By: Werd (Drew Devine)
Album Art and Design By: Edd Scaped (Edd Wellesley-Davies)

Selective Perception is a compilation of old unreleased tracks from between 2006 - 2011.
The tracks on this release have been re-recorded and re-mastered with an aim of putting out a full album of older material.

I wanted to put this album together because I believe the tracks are of a good enough quality be put out, and, I also felt that as part of my development as a writer/artist, I could not fully move on, leaving the majority of tracks unreleased and unrecorded to fester and become nothing more than written expressions in their moments of time.

In saying that, I wish to take nothing away from the Producers or featured artists who helped to make the release of this collection possible, and for which I am very thankful.

The fact that the material, on my part, is older should take nothing away from the skill, effort, commitment and time put in by other artists.

I also do not wish for this material to be taken as a reflection of where my writing and thoughts are at just now.

I now look forward to being able to move on and past my older work to concentrate on new writing and other projects.


released August 15, 2013

Jordan Butler, DJ Uturn, Selecta Rx, Werd aka Drew Devine, Deeko, Steg G (Powercut Productions) , Spazmatic Beats, Sean El, Dave Gunn, Jre Music, Baill, Han Cmc, Towa, Dj Sonny, Darren Momenpour, Alex Lawrie, Zero Caige, Blasfima Sinna (Dj Uturn),



all rights reserved


Jordan Butler Edinburgh, UK

Jordan Butler is an MC/Rapper from Edinburgh, Scotland. Working with Sons of Scotland (SOS).

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Track Name: Conception
An open book lies in front of me though grey lines celibate,
Begging impregnation, brain racing, for adrenaline to pump the urge that I might fornicate,
A cause to celebrate, Birth, emotional charge though bode in dormant wait,
Resolve into boredom and loath to find an inner hate, I 'm reprobate,
A willing partner as I find a temptuous lover that again I cannot touch, so grossly masturbate,
An art so crudely satisfied I'm impotent to touch,
Testosterone fuelled rush, though desire, I do not feel it much,
The practitioner of magic, abraxas, no longer scriptures flux,
As I'm reloading, some-what hesitant , to keep shooting at dead ducks,
They lay in wait to spring to life, take flight, so scope to break the duct,
Of late I'm like the carcases, I bide, but still I'm pretty fucked,
Cross heirs parallel, the chamber spins, I carousel,
Pull focus into clarity, more cloudy here than under hazey spells,
Reside in a shaded cell, well jaded, as if you cannot tell,
To reproduce production, Conception is the desired goal,
I'm like a dog without a dick, that's still trying to get it's fuckin hole,
Chasing after anything with movement in revolutions,
To catch the loops, I'm running circles in cycles, perpetual motion,
Immoveable object, unstoppable force, so what's the common ground?
A battle field of doubt, loss and sorrow where fibre's slowly groomed,
The cause of catastrophic action, force atoms into reaction,
Destructive power breaks the balance, change motion, that's evolution!
Time, Is a precious thing, never waste it!
Inevitable these objects must collide, the laws of gravity,
Momentums brought together, that force, it then moves a different way,
The drive compelled knocked of off course, of course, is more destructive still,
Question not the nature, but velocity of my dynamism,
Energies transfigured cast backward to move on forward,
If change is the only constant, suspended within the prism,
Lights imbibed, projects travel forth and shape a different mould,
Rebirth through metamorphosis, vessel through which the verses told,
Father of creation, no longer do both my feet stand cold,
From throbbing gland I pour libido, seducer of many muses,
The potency of my juices, fertilise the host for procreation,
Tenderly received the throws turn violent acts, consent insemination,
Quim a-quiver, Penetrating thrusts, victim of my remorseless lusts,
From dying breath's they quite I'm vigorous, formidable, harsh and rigerous,
The reason being, I bring the heat back into season, this season, I'll make it bleed,
Catch the scent, one sniff and a flow, is I fuckin need!
Track Name: The Sculptor
Comfortably I bathed, lay steeping in deep naivety,
A slumber of sorts - sleeping, awoken by sonar deities,
Stirred from out my conscious, arose, my petals open,
A blossom where understanding grows,
The vision clear, scent was bitter sweet - and hidden under my very nose,
Artistry concealed, yield secrets, taker of many souls,
He walks alone, a shape shifter, picking apart the bones,
Re-structured over thunder and fire in loops percussion rolls,
Blinded by the sound i never heard for what it was,
In honesty couldn't care,
Provided it strikes a chord filled with substance, Emotion,
No factory manufactured eggs hatched, to be dispatched,
Yolks poisoned with evil purposes,
Oceans deep and sharks swim underside of the glassy surfaces,
The building blocks on which we stand, with stigma,
Condemned with urgency,
An art form crudely branded art, but only with some reluctancy,
The Craft,
Foundations proved solid so sample tests of time,
The well atop necropolis, a trove in which ancient treasures shine,
Their graves proclaimed robbed, it's natural wee recycle,
A scavenger, death eater, and cannibalise the living,
Ill pay tribute to the man who painted glorious colour,
From only a grey palate in a ballad of song,
Like an archaeologist removing artefacts from where they belong,
Re-worked into stone pillars and statues of copper Brawn,
Those defined by the tools of their trade'll work long and reap rewards,
If only in pride and satisfaction,
You can't put a price on a smile, or value recognition,
A worth while cause to touch others and master appreciation like the Sculptor, the sculptor.
Track Name: Lost Ft DJ Uturn
Lost, your thoughts stand lone and you pay the cost,
I'm the harbinger of cataclysm, pinned to the cross,
Chaotic cause, destructive rain descends the sphere of the gods,
Hear the sirens through the silence, re-birth out the pause,
Lost, your thoughts stand lone and you pay the cost,
I'm the harbinger of cataclysm, pinned to the cross,
Chaotic cause, destructive rain descends the sphere of the gods,
Hear the sirens through the silence, re-birth out the pause,

Be found and witness emanation, I'm the axis of diameter,
Logic by definition, can't be held inside perimeter,
Letters, scripted abraxas, black practice, to any challenger,
Separate your head from your body I wield excalibur,
Clenched within my calliper, angered you face the highlander,
Contorted to warp spasm, possessed when the shadow has'um,
My likeness in human form only figments of sheer phantasm,
Cast to chasm, gaze the void, be embraced by the inner sanctum,,
Chain reaction, I'm the aftermath of splitting the atom,
Engulf the underverse, the dark dispersed, the planets skies and sun submerged,
Absorbed into my depth to give them life back from my breath,
I'm the unintended consequence, this order in reverse.
My mind it shakes the atmosphere when particles collide,
The spped of light, kinetic energies are smashed and cause divide,
Day and night, it's much more to perplex when I write,
Cause I'm the catalyst of science, my components are tight.

Lost, your thoughts stand lone and you pay the cost,
I'm the harbinger of cataclysm, pinned to the cross,
Chaotic cause, destructive rain descends the sphere of the gods,
Hear the sirens through the silence, re-birth out the pause,
Lost, your thoughts stand lone and you pay the cost,
I'm the harbinger of cataclysm, pinned to the cross,
Chaotic cause, destructive rain descends the sphere of the gods,
Hear the sirens through the silence, re-birth out the pause,

Carefully tapered literature, victim to my inscriptions son,
Picture my description, vent diction, and hear the colours run,
Pallet my conviction, da vinci, the finest brush,
Enter my jurisdiction, constriction'l leave you crushed,
With stand the rush,
My flows flood, adding substance to composition,
You lack the vital touch, your enamoured by your restriction,
Exposed for what I'm worth and stripped naked in exhibition,
Lyrical birth, I give depiction, I'm graphic in my transition,
Feet first,
And I climb through the open porthole of the host,
Shed my embryonic shell, apparition, complexion ghost,
Escaped the belly of the beast, the brazen bull condemned to roast,
My screams to plead, spirals relive my head, though torturous for most,
The outer limits leave you lost, I'm a force that remains intangible,
The fact you cannot touch me serves purpose within my parable,
Relevant to understanding my fathoms are incomparable,
No empathy, be aware, that you deal with a different animal!