from by Jordan Butler

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An open book lies in front of me though grey lines celibate,
Begging impregnation, brain racing, for adrenaline to pump the urge that I might fornicate,
A cause to celebrate, Birth, emotional charge though bode in dormant wait,
Resolve into boredom and loath to find an inner hate, I 'm reprobate,
A willing partner as I find a temptuous lover that again I cannot touch, so grossly masturbate,
An art so crudely satisfied I'm impotent to touch,
Testosterone fuelled rush, though desire, I do not feel it much,
The practitioner of magic, abraxas, no longer scriptures flux,
As I'm reloading, some-what hesitant , to keep shooting at dead ducks,
They lay in wait to spring to life, take flight, so scope to break the duct,
Of late I'm like the carcases, I bide, but still I'm pretty fucked,
Cross heirs parallel, the chamber spins, I carousel,
Pull focus into clarity, more cloudy here than under hazey spells,
Reside in a shaded cell, well jaded, as if you cannot tell,
To reproduce production, Conception is the desired goal,
I'm like a dog without a dick, that's still trying to get it's fuckin hole,
Chasing after anything with movement in revolutions,
To catch the loops, I'm running circles in cycles, perpetual motion,
Immoveable object, unstoppable force, so what's the common ground?
A battle field of doubt, loss and sorrow where fibre's slowly groomed,
The cause of catastrophic action, force atoms into reaction,
Destructive power breaks the balance, change motion, that's evolution!
Time, Is a precious thing, never waste it!
Inevitable these objects must collide, the laws of gravity,
Momentums brought together, that force, it then moves a different way,
The drive compelled knocked of off course, of course, is more destructive still,
Question not the nature, but velocity of my dynamism,
Energies transfigured cast backward to move on forward,
If change is the only constant, suspended within the prism,
Lights imbibed, projects travel forth and shape a different mould,
Rebirth through metamorphosis, vessel through which the verses told,
Father of creation, no longer do both my feet stand cold,
From throbbing gland I pour libido, seducer of many muses,
The potency of my juices, fertilise the host for procreation,
Tenderly received the throws turn violent acts, consent insemination,
Quim a-quiver, Penetrating thrusts, victim of my remorseless lusts,
From dying breath's they quite I'm vigorous, formidable, harsh and rigerous,
The reason being, I bring the heat back into season, this season, I'll make it bleed,
Catch the scent, one sniff and a flow, is I fuckin need!


from Selective Perception, released August 15, 2013
Jordan Butler, JRE Beats



all rights reserved


Jordan Butler Edinburgh, UK

Jordan Butler is an MC/Rapper from Edinburgh, Scotland. Working with Sons of Scotland (SOS).

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